Kitchen Chicken Flock

I’m making the argument that everyone should have a small, kitchen flock of laying hens.  Anywhere from 2-6 hens.  Back … More

Turtle Salsa Piquante

You can tell I have turtles on the brain.  The third turtle post in 2 weeks. It’s high summer, and … More

Shotgun Pattern Board

Every serious shotgunner is going to need to pattern their weapon.  And not just once, for each shell, choke and … More

Trapping Snappers

Catching and Cleaning Snapping Turtles   Snapping turtles are a quality and mostly overlooked food source.  It’s too bad because … More

Start Here

Introduction Welcome to the Brackish Water Culture Blog.  With this introductory post we’re going to go over a little backstory … More