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Welcome to the Brackish Water Culture Blog.  With this introductory post we’re going to go over a little backstory on how we got here.  Talk some about names, terminology, and why we decided to start this project. Then let’s talk some about the subject matter that will get fleshed out here.  In closing, we’ll talk about why this stuff is important.


I’m sure you’re thinking what the Hell is a Brackish Water Culture.  Brackish water is that point in a river system that has some salinity from the ocean but at a level less than ocean water.  The word Brak comes from an old form of Dutch which is kind of German sort of. It means, foul or unpleasant. This would be in the context of making the fresh river water unusable for most things.  We know, it’s the point where more animals live that we can eat. Brackish water can be found from Maine to Texas on the Eastern seaboard. Lets say that from an ocean inlet, up river approximately an hours travel would be brackish water.  

You will find that you will relate to this blog and its writings if you enjoy life on the edge of the water.  Every state that has oceanfront has brackish water. Every state that has a river that empties into the ocean will find topics here that interest them and they can use to make their own outdoor pursuits better. From the mighty Mississippi to the tiniest spring run, the backwaters of Florida, the swamps of Alabama and Louisiana and the low country and sounds of the Carolinas to the Tidewater Chesapeake up to the rocky shores of the Northeast.  My writings are going to be interesting to you if you hunt, fish, or travel the rivers of America.


In short we are River Rats.  River rats make their lives on the inland waterways.  We live, recreate and participate in these watery landscapes.  Most people these days are observers of the landscape. River Rats are participants in that landscape.  People as at home on the water as on land. People that use the natural world to put food on their tables.  

River Rats eat everything.  Scientists who study ancient humans say that the primates who became human were originally omnivorous scavengers.  They made a living gleaning whatever they could.  Maybe you could say they were foraging scavengers.  They picked and caught what they could, and scavenged large animal kills.  It wasn’t until they invented ways to kill animals that we became hunters.  

We eat things that most people turn their noses up at. We eat the entire food chain. We make a living in the empty spaces that others overlook.  Maybe one day as this blog grows, we can rename it.   The River Rat url is available but at $2500, it was a little rich for my blood just starting a new blog endeavor.

I have lived in the tidewater Chesapeake my entire life.  First as a native of Maryland, and now in Virginia. It’s all I know, and over my years here i have developed a deep passion for the land and animals that live here.  This blog is going to have a heavy emphasis on hunting, fishing and recreating by water, or near waterways. But, for the River Rat, these past times are not the end, they are a means to an end.  

Our end being to put quality, clean, trustworthy food on our family’s tables. Through careful study, practice, trial and error, I have learned to catch, process and cook my own wild game and fish that could rival the quality of the best food anywhere on earth.  Its available to each and every one of us, if we chose to pursue it. I hope to pass that knowledge on to others.

Some topics you can expect to see here;

  • Hunting, trapping, and fishing for food
  • Water travel and camping
  • Boat building and rigging
  • Wild game and fish processing and cookery
  • Shooting and Firearm modification
  • Finding, keeping and scouting new land
  • History that pertains to our topics or influences our lives
  • Getting kids in the outdoors
  • Gear and Book reviews
  • Current events, politics, and economics that will impact us
  • Media that I find interesting, important or instructive
  • Shared recipes that are too good not to pass on
  • Survivalism and prepping

As we get deeper into this project, I hope to invite some guest writers that can provide some insight that I don’t have the background for.  Things like wild hog hunting, deer rifle calibers, beaver snaring and shark fishing . It seems like the podcast market is now flooded. But if there is a demand, I’d love to get started in podcasting.  There are so many people out there that have good knowledge that is at risk of being lost. Salt of the earth type people that get up every day and go to work that we never hear about. People who have been living off the land for generations.  Those are the types of people I’d like to share their stories.

To wrap this one up, things in this country don’t seem to be getting any better.   And some smart people I like to listen to, smart people with money that aren’t in the limelight, are saying things may be getting worse and have been getting worse since at least the 1970’s. So we need to prepare ourselves for that eventuality.  These things have motivated me to share my passion for the outdoors and for the land.

The ironic thing is that, we have been doing these things for generations. We don’t need to do things a lot different. Some smart changes, yes. But these things we do as recreation, for fun.  At the same time insulating ourselves from the deep state. Our real goal here is to opt out of the system that has become.  So, River Rats of the world unite. We have big hopes and dreams here. Stay tuned for lots of exciting content. Let’s get out there and start putting more wild meat and fish our on tables. Self sufficiency is our goal.




  1. Great intro – I really, really like it! The layout is clean, very well organized and just the right amount of detail. Great job!


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